Sometimes the things that we want, happiness isn’t included.

It’s human nature to crave for the things that we can’t have.  The more efforts we put into it, the more we want it.  We get blind to the point where all we think about is that particular things, we fight and find ways to get it.

But the real question is, what are you fighting for?  Will it truly bring us happiness?  What you want and what makes you happy are two different things.  Sometimes the things that we want, happiness isn’t included.


VietNam rice terraces # 2 By Tan Tannobi

"I began sleeping an incredible number of hours. It wasn’t proper sleep, but a state of semi-consciousness in which daydreams and reality were nearly indistinguishable."

-Yann Martel, Life of Pi  (via fladream)

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Anonymous said: why is that when a guy finds a good girl that he considers wife material, he leaves her because of his own insecurities and tries to blame her for her faults and then tries to find someone else right away like nothing happened?

That person doesn’t love the girl, it’s an excuse to get rid of her.

Anonymous said: do you believe that if a guy really loves you, he'll stick around even if he can't help support you? or do you believe that he'll let a woman go because he knows he can't support her and he knows she can find better?

If he loves you, he will strive to work harder to help you.  The guy who you just mentioned is just weak and his way of thinking isn’t correct.  Do you really love the person if you allow another person to be by her side?  What if he doesn’t treat her right?  Why can’t you man up, and find ways to support her?  Even find an extra job?  Why are you allowing another man to stand in your spot, because you fear that you’re not good enough?

Anonymous said: Aw, you're such a sweet guy :3 I love what you wrote about the definition of a boyfriend<3

thank you :)

I think that is the true definition of being a boyfriend.


Being a boyfriend is more than just sending your girl “I love you and I miss you” texts, buying her material things, or calling your girl babe, baby, honey or whatever endearments you wanna call her. It’s something deeper than that. Being romantic is a part and by doing all those stuffs is a must. But I guess those things is just the side which is visible to everyone. 

Being a boyfriend is more deeper than just a reputation, it is to have a bond that connects the two of you together. To dive deep into her heart and merge two souls as one. Most men lack these type of skills due to the fact that they don’t want to show their sensitivity side. Anybody can be your boyfriend but in order to become a great boyfriend is to be there for your lady every time she needs a helping hand, being there to listen to all of her stories, men should be leaders to the relationship, not a boss. Guide her through the correct road to where she needs to be. Advise her on what is right and what is wrong and ask for ideas from her on how to make things better, brainstorm then working together. Not bossing her around, telling her what to do and what not to do while you don’t put in any effort at all. If she don’t like something, respect her and not do it. Her problem is your problem, her tears are your tears, and her happiness is your happiness. Make her laugh until she can’t even breath. Help her in any way you can, to build her future more stable. If she doesn’t like something about you, put in efforts to change because you care about her feelings THAT much. Look at her like no other women exist in this world, you’re so focus on her like aiming at a bull eye of a target, that all the other women seems to be just a blur to you.

You are the man, so hold her hand even in front of her parents, her friends, your friends as an expression of “you are mine, and I am proud to be yours.” Love her with your heart, caress her with your skin, allow her sexually cravings to come first before yours, and most importantly: GIVE. I am not talking about giving materials or money because anybody can do that. Give her something that’s more valuable; give her your time by losing sleep, because you’re too busy helping her find ways to make her life better, give her your health, give her your efforts, give her space, give her respect, give her a feeling of security to let her feel that as long as she’s with you, she will be safe. Put her needs first: even if you only have $20 dollars left in your pocket, still give. Remember, it’s not the money that’s important, it’s what you have yet, still give it your all, that’s all that matters. 

I think that is the true definition of being a boyfriend.

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Every airline flight in the world over 24 hours.

It looks like a firefly invasion!

looks like Greenland is being ignored.

"And it hurts so much to want something you can’t have."

-Johnny Depp    (via johnny-derpp)

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